We now have a pregnant program where for the full 9 months you may have the healing of your choice each visit for the full period of your pregnancy...Prices* subject to amount of healing time used...and/or agreement between client and practitioner.


Also for those couples getting ready to be parents for the first time. We are offering them a combination healing where both of you come in and have your healing together.

We are now offering parent-child Healings. The parent may have the child lay with them but these are only 15 min and 30 min this is mainly due to children getting a little board. 

Fran is also offering special pricing for Clients who have a Health Care Card of any type. This will be discussed with each Client in Private. Please contact Fran for further information.


Infinite Rainbow Tarot Card Readings - energy healing, psychic and healer, psychic medium
Name: Fran - Mrs Frances Walker RMT. IICT IPHM. INHA 
☎️ Phone: +61 62 944 524
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📫 Email: psychic@infiniterainbow.com.au
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For more information and appointment availability please call Fran to book your appointment for:

Phone: +61  2 6294 4524
Mobile: +61 413 442 055

Email: psychic@infiniterainbow.com.au



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  • ​infinite rainbow tarot card readings, psychic, reiki, angel, crystal, healings, teacher, spiritual advisor, tarot reader

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  • ​infinite rainbow tarot card readings, psychic, reiki, angel, crystal, healings, teacher, spiritual advisor and tarot reader

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​New Clients

On your first visit Fan will explain to you the process of your Reading and/or Healing. If you are heaving a healing you will be required to fill in a Client Information Card that way we have each of your visits written down so to help you on your path of inner healing and peace...This process only takes approximately 10 to 15 mins. If possible for your first Healing Session we ask you to come in 10 to 15 mins early.
Blessings Fran xxx

Monday: 10:30am - 4pm
Tuesday: 9.30am - 6:30 pm

Wednesday: 9.30am - 6:30 pm

Thursday: 9.30am - 8:30 pm
Friday: 9:30am - 10:30pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 4:30 pm

​​​​Sunday:  Closed

For appointment availability please call Fran to book your appointment.

Phone: +61 2 6294 4524 

Mobile: +61 413 442 055

Email: psychic@infiniterainbow.com.au



Hello and Welcome and thank you for being here at: Infinite Rainbow Tarot Card Readings. My name is Frances Walker and I'm known by my Clients and Friends as Fran...Enjoy this website and please feel free to leave your comments at the comments section of this website.

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To provide efficient and effective quality products and services that constantly exceeds the need of my clients. I am here to make sure that I base my success on my Client's long term Individual and Personalised Care based on their health and wellbeing concern and also believes in helping her clients as she works with them to achieve the best physical state possible. Giving them my individual respect and excellence at all times,  to make sure each and every Client leaves their session in the most, contented, happy, calming and extremely satisfied manner...with lots of love, light, health and Infinite Blessings...Namaste...Fran xxx

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I am A Psychic Card Reader and Certified in Alternative and Holistic Health. My True Inner Passions are Psychic Readings, Reiki, Crystals, Angels, Indigo Adults and Children and all Types of Energy Healings, After an numerous serious illnesses and struggling to get through them all, as this was over 36 year period. Trying to start a new second marriage and raising children...On my last major surgery for right lung cancer, May 2013,  it was then I was guided to do Natural Energy Healings...not knowing anything about them; I looked them up and then started to study and study I did. So I became a; Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Coach and Spiritual Advisor. Crystal Therapy Practitioner and Angel Therapy Practitioner, Teacher, Psychic and Spiritual Development, Awakening Indigo studies and more.  What joy I have being able to serve others wow! I'm so lucky and I just Love every minute of it ...and I am still studying to further my skills...with love, gratitude and Infinite Angel Blessings your Angel Friend Fran ...Namaste xxx

Infinite Rainbow Tarot Card Readings - ​​​​​​​​Fran' a Psychic Card Reader, has Reiki, Angel, Crystal, Chakra and Combination Healings, is a Holistic Counsellor, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Psychic and Spiritual Advisor and a Clairvoyant​

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Actual results may vary for each individual. (We) National Alternative and Holistic Health Clinic (Infinite Rainbow Tarot Card Readings) (Frances Walker) do not give or dispense any pregnancy or medical advice and/or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of any treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor, specialist or any type of medical advisors either directly or indirectly. (Our) National Alternative and Holistic Health Clinic' intention is to offer a variety of alternative healings, readings, courses, information and tools to help the client, student and visitor in their quest for spiritual growth, their emotional and physical well-being.

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